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At the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC), our staff are committed to helping children, youth and certain adults with physical, developmental and associated behavioural needs reach optimal levels of independence, health and well-being.

Our innovative and unique programs and services are at the heart of OCTC's success in maximizing the potential of the people we serve at our main sites in central Ottawa and at our satellite sites in Kanata, East Ottawa, Renfrew and Cornwall.

OCTC's reputation as a leading centre of excellence for more than 60 years is a direct result of our enthusiastic, dedicated team of staff and volunteers, who are encouraged to work together to help our clients and their families achieve their goals.

If you want to make a real difference in the lives of the children and youth and you are looking for a stimulating work environment that nurtures personal and professional growth, then we invite you to consider joining the OCTC team!

CHEO is much more than a hospital… Their commitment to outstanding care and continual development can touch every part of a child and youth's life. If you think you could be a good fit, we encourage you to take a look at all the current job opportunities at CHEO by clicking here.

Work Culture & Professional Development

Support, Compensation & Benefits

An Environment You'll Thrive In

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Programs & Services

Work Culture & Professional Development

OCTC's positive work culture – where staff are encouraged to collaborate and lead — fosters innovation, autonomy and excellence. Staff are recognized through a formal awards program for length of service and for excellence in the areas of: client/customer service, creativity & innovation, as well as teaching & research.

OCTC prides itself on providing multiple opportunities and avenues for professional development. In addition to the synergies that result from encouraging a team (multidisciplinary) approach to problem-solving and goal-setting, OCTC's research and learning culture ensures excellence at every turn.

OCTC provides a host of opportunities designed to encourage staff growth and development, including:

  • On-the-job training through courses, workshops and seminars;
  • Support to attend leading-edge conferences in one's professional discipline;
  • Formal opportunities, which include an in-house grant program for clinical practitioners to receive funding to pursue research initiatives, as well as support for research posters and presentations, plus opportunities for practitioners and practice leaders to sit on local, regional and provincial committees;
  • Informal opportunities through regular 'lunch and learn' sessions, staff forums, coaching and mentoring, group problem-solving and team-oriented sessions;
  • IT skills training and other practical-based training as needed;
  • Networking opportunities in conjunction with OCTC's external partners and stakeholders; and
  • Formal performance management, including continuous feedback and individualized learning plans.

We also engage in ongoing research projects, alone and with partner agencies. Our commitment to research – some of it in new and developing areas – speaks to our goal to develop as an important learning organization and a centre of excellence in rehabilitation for children and youth with disabilities.

Support, Compensation & Benefits

As an employer of more than 200 staff, OCTC prides itself on the support that we give to our employees.

Educational opportunities, coaching and performance feedback - within a competency framework - plus support for individual and organizational learning and regular team meetings are just some of the ways that OCTC supports our staff.

We offer competitive salaries and benefit packages, including eligibility for membership in the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and a Worklife Wellness & Excellence program.

For information about our Compensation and Benefit Package, please contact the OCTC Human Resources Assistant:
613-688-2126, ext. 4350

An Environment You'll Thrive In

OCTC is proud to offer a caring and compassionate environment where our staff and skilled professionals can thrive. Our supportive, rewarding and enriched atmosphere will help you make a real difference in the lives of your clients and their families.

OCTC is formally accredited through Accreditation Canada. We pursue excellence and innovation, while striving for optimal organizational safety, continuous quality improvement and risk management.

OCTC staff are focused on teamwork, which means you'll have an opportunity to work closely with staff, students and volunteers representing other disciplines and programs.

As a centre of excellence, OCTC actively promotes a learning environment by providing opportunities for staff to engage in clinical research while working (through a grant program) to participate in regional, national and international workshops and conferences, and to improve skills through professional development opportunities and seminars.

At OCTC, new staff members take part in a comprehensive orientation program to welcome them to our team. If you come to work with us, you'll also enjoy a wide range of staff activities, including an annual employee recognition event, a multicultural summer barbeque, a holiday social, and other celebrations throughout the year.

What Our Staff Say

"I love my job at OCTC because it's satisfying, challenging and flexible work. Two days are never the same but always rewarding!" – S.L., Early Childhood

"For me, it's the feeling that all staff are working for the good of our clients...I have yet to meet an OCTC staff member who has given me the feeling they are here just to pay the bills. In other organizations I have worked, there always seem to be a few! It is this level of professionalism and dedication that keeps me excited about working with the team at OCTC." – E.K., Assistant Coordinator, Technical Services

"We get to work hands on with children. We also get to see many amazing changes and accomplishments of children who take their challenges and soar above them." – J.W., OCTC

"OCTC is a relatively small organization employing many innovative, hardworking and truly caring individuals - we are like a family even though we are spread over five sites. OCTC exemplifies 'team spirit', from corporate level to front-line staff including the clients and families we serve." – L.V., Administrative Assistant

"I have worked in a variety of health care environments in the past. Having now worked at OCTC for over 5 years, I still love my job as much as I did when I first started. I feel like I make a difference in the lives of the children and their families, and I also gain so much in return." – F.B., Occupational Therapist

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

The Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) is recognized throughout Eastern Ontario for its specialized skills and knowledge in serving children and youth with disabilities.

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Our Programs & Services

OCTC has an excellent team of highly qualified professionals and practitioners.

We offer specialized treatment and therapy – established over a long history of providing leading-edge services to children, youth and certain adults - to meet the needs of our diverse clients and their families.

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"The team spirit at OCTC is amazing. I have never before worked in such a positive, supportive environment."

How to Join Our Team*

  1. Visit Current Opportunities to see current job postings.
  2. For confidential consideration, prepare a resume and a cover letter clearly listing the Competition Code of the position you are applying for (found at the top of each opportunity description).
  3. Submit your resume and cover letter: by mail to Human Resource Services, Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre, 2211 Thurston Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 6C9; by fax to 613-688-2143; or by email to: (attachments in MS Word only please).

*You can also join our team by volunteering with OCTC!