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OSNS Parent Update January 2016

On behalf of the Ontario Special Needs Strategy Ottawa planning table, please see the attached update for the latest activities and progress made since the last update (in September 2015). Click here.



"Walking in My Shoes" (WIMS) monthly parents group

Are you the parent/guardian of a child with a disability?

Would you like to meet other parents of children with special needs?

Join our parent group!

"Walking in My Shoes" (WIMS) is a monthly meeting for parents of children with special needs to meet, greet, and share experiences through facilitated discussions and guest speakers. Click here for more information.



"ASPIrations francophones d'Ottawa" -Asperger french teens parents of Ottawa Support group-

Asperger children are intelligent and appear to function relatively well in society. So we forget that they have needs that are different from others, which we need to address so that they can flourish and fully contribute to society to their best of their abilities. They certainly think differently and that's great! Well known personalities, such as Einstein, Mozart, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and so many others also had Asperger syndrome. Our teens with Asperger are our future engineers, scientists and creators. So let's take care of them...    Read more



Respite Services

Throughout the year OCTC offers various out-of-home respite services for residents of the City of Ottawa to give additional support to families caring for a child or youth with significant health challenges.

To see which services best match your needs, please visit our Respite Services page or call Intake Services at 613.737.0871, ext. 4425.