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"We're listening and responding!"

The Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) values the opinion of our clients and their families. Your feedback helps shape the manner in which OCTC provides and improves services for residents of communities across Eastern Ontario.

We welcome your feedback in a variety of forms, including:

  • Direct communication with staff or a manager;
  • Via individual service surveys;
  • Directly from this website by emailing us at ; and
  • Through OCTC's Client Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Comments from families about where OCTC should focus its efforts to improve followed four common themes:

  • Provide services that meet our child's needs;
  • Help us get services quickly so that our children are not losing valuable time in the development of their skills;
  • Make it easier for us to move between services and service providers; and
  • Help us make challenging life changes, such as when my child goes to school or leaves OCTC services.

Every year we gather your feedback and make an annual plan to improve and strengthen our services.

Based on the 2011 feedback, the Clinical Management Team identified a number of key areas of focus to further strengthen our programs and services:

  • Focus on client needs
  • Focus on access to service
  • Focus on life transitions
  • Focus on communication & coordination
  • Address identified priority needs across the Life Needs Model*

*The Life Needs Model is designed to guide service delivery and defines types of service required to meet the goals of community participation and quality of life for children and youth with disabilities.

Client and family input regarding how OCTC can best meet your needs makes a difference to us – please don't hesitate to give us your feedback. We're listening and responding!

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