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Intake Services

Intake Services is the first step in the referral process to OCTC, providing a single point of entry for clients and their families to be registered, and determining the program or service that will best serve their needs.

Intake Services is not limited to directing people to specific OCTC programs or services (and possibly waiting lists), but includes providing information about issues and available resources to clients and their families, service providers and/or agencies in the community.

Who can refer someone to OCTC?

How getting referred to OCTC works

Who Can Refer Someone to OCTC?

  • Families
  • Physicians (see Physicians referral guide)
  • Professionals (such as Allied Health Care Providers or Educators)
  • Other Agencies
  • Community Partners

NOTE: An "Intake Referral Form" must be completed by the referring source for all referrals to OCTC.

How Getting Referred to OCTC Works

  1. We accept completed referrals for children and youth by fax (613-738-4841), or by mail -395 Smyth Road, Ottawa (ON) K1H 8L2- . If the referral is for an adult with a Developmental Disability who also has behavioural issues, please contact Developmental Services of Eastern Ontario at 1-855-376-3737 or visit
  2. As soon as possible, we will confirm receipt of the referral to OCTC by letter or fax to the referring source.
  3. Intake Services will contact the parent or caregiver by telephone to book an intake assessment. The assessments are booked in sequence according to the date that we have received the referral.

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To make a referral to OCTC please download and complete the "Intake Referral Form".

OCTC Intake Services

  • 613-737-0871, ext. 4425
  • 613-738-4841