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Renfrew Counties

Referral to Wee Start / Getting Started Services
Welcome to OCTC! You have been referred and wonder what will happen next. This section takes you through Getting Started Services and Wee Start Services.

Wee Start /Getting Started Services to Interventions / Supports
This section outlines the types of OCTC services that might be offered to your family, based on your family's needs and the age of your child.

OCTC Services to Child Care/Preschool
Have you ever wondered about Child Care and Preschool options? This section describes your options and community lead agencies.

Early Childhood to School
School Entry can be an important transition for families of children with special needs. In this section, you will find a description of health, social and education services. You will find answers to the transition process of therapy services, investigating possible school options, and registering for school.

Youth to Adolescent
Secondary school options are described along with the health, social and education services available to children as they become teenagers. This section outlines services in secondary schools, social and volunteer opportunities, and how to prepare school support for students transitioning from elementary to secondary school.

Adolescent to Adult
This transition is all about preparing for adult life: life after OCTC. You will find information about what Developmental Services Ontario offers, respite and residential services, therapy and specialized services, driving information, financial assistance, social, vocational and volunteer opportunities, and post-secondary education.

Please see our youth section for Looking Ahead: My transition into Adulthood.