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Research at OCTC

At OCTC, we strive to provide services that are anchored in best practice, so that our clients have the best possible chance of achieving their goals. Research is key to establishing best practice and enabling OCTC staff to determine which approaches may work best for each client and family. To that end, OCTC conducts, promotes and encourages research that may ultimately make a difference in the lives of our clients.

Our Research Vision: Where Research Makes a Difference

Our Research Mission: To create and promote a supportive and sustainable research culture beneficial to the clients and families served by OCTC.

Our Research Goals & Priorities:

  1. Provide staff with greater opportunities for involvement in clinical research related to the OCTC mandate
  2. Enhance staff skills in conducting research
  3. Promote dissemination of OCTC research
  4. Raise awareness and promote uptake of evidence-based practice

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