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OCTC School

Located at 395 Smyth Road in central Ottawa, the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (OCTC) School is a Section 68 school authority funded and legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school is governed by the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre School Authority Board.

The OCTC School provides full day educational instruction in both English and French for 30 students from Kindergarten to grade 3 by accredited Ontario College of Teachers seconded to the OCTC School from local Ottawa and district French and English School boards.

OCTC School Eligibility

Assessment, Evaluation, Goals & Transition

Transportation for OCTC School Students

School Liaison Services

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For Information regarding admission to the OCTC School, please contact Leslie Walker, Principal:
613-737-0871, ext. 4308

OCTC School Eligibility

All students admitted to the OCTC School are registered clients of the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre and have a primary diagnosis of a physical disability and other associated complex needs.

Priority is given to applicants who have the potential to access the Ontario curriculum and who would benefit from a specialized program that interweaves therapy and learning.

Under the guidance and supervision of a school Principal, Educational Assistants, teachers, school liaison staff and therapists develop Individual Education Plans to maximize each child's potential.

Assessment, Evaluation, Goals & Transition

Assessment and evaluation of each student's educational and therapeutic progress is closely monitored as well timely and effectively communicated to parents by both teachers and therapists.

The OCTC School is a short-term early intervention educational and therapy program with a goal to optimize progress for community school admission. The OCTC School transitions students to schools and school boards in Eastern Ontario when students have reached and maximized their potential at OCTC School.

This transition is facilitated in partnership with families and community school partners under the guidance of the OCTC School Principal in collaboration with school liaison, teaching and therapy teams.

Transportation for OCTC School Students

Transportation is provided to the OCTC School in partnership with local school board transportation consortiums and all students attending the OCTC School are eligible for transportation to and from school in accordance with individual student needs.

School Liaison Services

School-aged clients of OCTC who are registered in community schools and have a primary diagnosis of a physical disability and other associated complex needs are eligible for school liaison services.

Liaison teachers provide linkages to OCTC for families and students within community schools when referred to the liaison resource by the family or community school.

The liaison team also provides key transition support for OCTC school-aged clients when transitioning from preschool to school, from elementary to secondary school, and from secondary school to post-secondary and/or the world of work.

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395 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario

School Principal:
Leslie Walker
Office Administrator:
Joan Sloan

School Hours:
8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

School Absence Reporting Line: 613-737-4320

How to Access the OCTC School

  1. First, please review the descriptions on this page of the types of education services that the OCTC School offers.
  2. Next, check out Intake Services to find out the steps for registering for the services that interest you or your family member.
  3. Once you have an idea of which OCTC School services might best match your needs, call Intake Services at 613-737-0871, ext. 4425 for more information or to register.

*Please note that clients of OCTC may access services delivered through more than one Program team, please contact Intake for information.