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What Our Staff Say

OCTC staff are dedicated to providing specialized care for children, youth and certain adults with physical, developmental and associated behavioural needs.

The care, skill and compassion with which they deliver these services are what have made OCTC a unique, leading-edge treatment centre for more than 60 years.

The staff at OCTC love what they do and it's what they have to say:

What makes working at OCTC so special?

What has been your most positive experience at OCTC?

What makes working at OCTC so special?

"I am extremely fortunate and blessed to be working with such inspirational children. Their challenges in life make you realize and appreciate good health, mobility, and speech. They, the children of OCTC, continually teach me - more than I will ever educate them." – M.F., Speech and Language Pathologist

"The therapeutic milieu at OCTC can't be matched and our interdisciplinary team works collaboratively with each other and the families to help make their dreams for their child or youth come true. We have some clients who are born with a special need and some who have acquired it. Either way, the families who come to OCTC become part of our family, and we do whatever we can to help." – L.H., Occupational Therapist

"I love my job at OCTC because it's satisfying, challenging and flexible work. Two days are never the same but always rewarding!" – S.L., Early Childhood Program

"OCTC staff strives to enhance every element of each child's life to the best of our ability, and to work as part of a team that rows in the same direction is an honour and a privilege. Our families offer us a gift of their children and never a day goes by without acknowledging our parents, siblings and extended family members for their guidance and support as we develop next steps." – L.W., Principal, OCTC School

"For me, it's the feeling that all staff are working for the good of our clients...I have yet to meet an OCTC staff member who's given me the feeling they're here just to pay the bills. It is this level of professionalism and dedication that keep me excited about working at OCTC." – E.K., Assistant Coordinator of Technical Services

"We get to work hands-on with our clients and see many amazing changes and accomplishments of children who take their challenges and soar above them." – J.W., OCTC

"OCTC employs many innovative, hardworking and truly caring individuals – together we exemplify 'team spirit' and we're like a family even though we're spread over five sites." – L.V., Administrative Assistant

"I joined OCTC because I wanted the challenge of working with complex clients; 22 years later, I'm still here! It feels good to know my work contributes to clients having opportunities and learning skills they may not otherwise have. Everyone at OCTC is focused on that same goal and there is tremendous teamwork, enthusiasm and creativity." – S.M., Program Administrator

"The team spirit at OCTC is amazing. We work with a vulnerable population that needs all of the time and energy that we can give them. I have never before worked in such a positive, supportive environment." – W.S., Physiotherapist

"The children and youth that I work with are sometimes dismissed by those of us who face far smaller challenges than they do. The kids we work with at OCTC are the kinds of kids that often make others uncomfortable – people look away or hurry by and forget to see the human being who sits in the wheelchair or struggles to control their limbs or their emotions. But, I promise you that if you want to truly understand persistence or the ability to face the prospect of embarrassment, there is no better example than the teenager who has absolutely no function in her legs attempt to transfer independently for the very first time from the floor into her wheelchair." – E.G., Recreation Therapist

"I have worked in a variety of health care environments in the past. Having now worked at OCTC for over 5 years, I still love my job as much as I did when I first started. I feel like I make a difference in the lives of the children and their families, and I also gain so much in return." – F.B., Occupational Therapist

"I absolutely appreciate OCTC's support in educational keeps us current and allows us to use new perspectives with our clients." – J.E., Behaviour Services

"It is a privilege to work with so many clients and families who make a difference in the lives of their children. We are here to bring out the best in those we work with, it is our job to teach, coach, mentor and cheer on all those that we work with to achieve the goals large or small that allow each child/youth to participate in those joyous moments that all children have as they grow up." – A.M., Program Administrator

"I have never before worked in such a positive, supportive environment. The team spirit is amazing. We work with a vulnerable population that needs all of the time and energy that we can give them. It is great to be buoyed up by a team of caring professionals who share the load as well as their expertise." – W.S., Physiotherapist

"OCTC is a wonderful agency to work for. If I were to pick out 2 things that I am particularly proud of it is the multidiscipline staff that can look at all of our special clients that we serve from completely different angles and provide creative solutions that may not have been possible to find from one particular discipline." – P.S., Behaviour Management Consultant

"OCTC is special definitely because of the clients and their families, especially those who have been long-term clients. It's rewarding to see that they have moved forward and I am able to contribute a small part in this process. Next would be the staff. Staff are very caring about our clients. When you have a group of people who work toward a common goal, this makes work much more enjoyable." – J. J., Psychology

"We truly believe that the supports and treatments that the children receive today can make all the difference tomorrow. Giving a child the tools to communicate, move independently and participate in their lives can allow them to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. It can allow them to learn and reach their potential later on in life." – F.B., Occupational Therapist

"OCTC is special because of the team approach, everyone's sincere focus on helping children and parents, and the way that administration and staff work together." – J.E., Behaviour Services

What has been your most positive experience at OCTC?

"It is always the biggest high when you can enable a child to move in a way that they couldn't previously. One particularly memorable little girl changed quite quickly and went from falling multiple times per day to a point where her Mom couldn't recall the last time that she fell. Even her four-year-old friends noticed and remarked that she was walking differently! It was hugely rewarding to be part of that process." – W.S., Physiotherapist,

"Recently a parent had frustration with another healthcare organization because he felt that the clinician treated his child as a number, not attending to his special needs. At the end of our OCTC interview, he thanked me and said 'I feel that my child is your only client, rather than a number or a file.'" – J.J., Psychology

"If you need a lesson in courage and bravery, you can find no better an instructor than the teen who began the day last summer absolutely terrified by water but overcame his fears and, with a little help from the OCTC Rec Staff and his friends, got up on the waterski sit-ski and when back on dry land declared, 'This was the best day of my life.' This was also one of the most significant and moving days of my life too!" – E.G., Recreation Therapist

"Seeing a family completely overwhelmed by challenging behaviours that their child displays learn and be able to change things and have a happy home environment." – P. S., Behaviour Management Consultant

"My most positive experiences have been seeing children and youth becoming independent and having a voice. I love it when I see a teen come through our doors with a unique dress style, multiple piercings or wild hair and be able to speak for themselves through a device or verbally — it shows they are expressing themselves as an individual." – E.K., Assistant Coordinator of Technical Services

"There was a time when my six-year-old client was interviewed on TV and the host asked him 'What does your OT do for you?' The child said, 'She helps me and she gets me special spoons so I can eat better.' That not only made my day but my career! We do what we do for the children, youth and their families, and we get so much in return from our experiences with them." – L.H., Occupational Therapist

"I've had clients that make me laugh, and others that challenge my expertise, but they all make me a better therapist. I love when parents listen, follow my program and see the positive benefits in their child's life and the life of their family." – J.E., Behaviour Services

"My most positive experiences have been when I've been able to find unique ways for a client to access a computer, when they were previously unable to do so. For the two children who come to mind, aside from talking, physically, there was very little they could do to play independently until computer access was available to them, as they had very minimal control of their upper extremities. Hearing from both the child and the parent about how happy they were and how much of a life-changer being able to play independently on the computer had been, made me feel very touched to be able to do something that made such a difference." – S.S., Assistive Technology

"The most profound statement ever made to me was: 'Thank you for showing me how to love my baby.'" – J.W., OCTC

"It is very positive to see a child come with a huge smile on his face because he feels so important and special in that moment. Or, to have a parent call to say thank you, that the training we provided their child's Educational Assistant meant he could be included in a classroom activity for the first time." – E.K., Assistant Coordinator of Technical Services

"One of the highlights for me was running the first ever 'Augmentative & Alternative Methods of Communication Camp'. We had five non-speaking teenage boys who communicated using voice output devices, and in two weeks we did everything with them from bowling to shopping in the market to making a movie. For one client, it had been like pulling teeth to get him to even turn his device on. By the end of the program, he was reminding his Mom every night that she needed to charge the battery so he would have something to talk with the next day." – S.M., Program Administrator

"I love seeing our clients go out into the community and mentor others or be role models. They all have a choice in life and they inevitably chose to go down a path that will help others and pay it forward." – L.H., Occupational Therapist

"If you need a role model of determination and a positive attitude, I can introduce you to a young man whose ability to walk was destroyed by a virus soon after he signed a contract to be a professional skateboarder at the age of 16 – within a year, he managed to find and reach a new goal and is now a member of Canada's national Wheelchair basketball team." – E.G., Recreation Therapist

"It's wonderful to see a client reach a goal and be so proud of themselves. There is no other feeling like that in the world!" – L.H., Occupational Therapist

"When a relationship and trust is gained with a client anything is possible. New treatments and technological advances are critical to improving possibilities but trust underlies any gain that is made. When a mutual environment of trust is established with a teacher, therapist or doctor the stage is set for new beginnings. Walking the path with our families during good times and challenging times has been the most rewarding. Being there and being true to the family and their child in our care is very powerful and very humbling. I love what I do." – L.W., OCTC School

"It is a good feeling to hear how my efforts helped. I see parents empowered and getting stronger themselves as they see the progress in their child. They also learn how to accept all their child's limitations from a positive standpoint." – J.W., OCTC

"My most positive experience working at OCTC was seeing the enthusiasm and involvement in staff in our centre-wide events. We truly are a fun group of people to work with!" – L.V., Administrative Assistant

"I prescribe mobility aids and I love it when a parent tells me that their child now runs away from them at the shopping centre, or they can meet up with the parent on their own, or choose not to meet up with him or her. The child is now able to be a child, and that includes testing the rules! " – F.B., Occupational Therapist

"Making an impact in the families overall, seeing the families advocate for their children, empowering the parents and the children to make a difference in their lives, and having children meet milestones after they were told they may never get there." – S.L., Early Childhood Consultant

"When first given a diagnosis, families are overwhelmed. By assisting with the legwork to link up with services I may provide some reassurance and support. The most positive part of my job is when I can facilitate by helping the families get connected to community services they are eligible for." – L.S., Family Resource Worker

"I still love my job as much as I did when I started. I make a difference in the lives of the children and their families, and I also gain so much in return."